Landscaper Brisbane Retaining Walls

​Retaining walls is brisbane are a good way to divert water for drainage or to retain sloping blocks, especially as brisbane has a rather steep  hill terrain. Brisbane retaining walls are commonly failing due to not being built properly , Common mistakes are not deep enough piers or too smaller posts for timber walls and not leaning the retaining wall against the load to approx 10 degrees, Or the posts been to spread .In block walls some rogue contractors are not doing wide enough footings or enough steel , or stronger enough MPA concrete strength. Draiange is most important for your brisbane retaining wall as this is what relieves the hydrostatic pressure off the wall , so a socked aggypipe behind the wall is essential and geo fabric cloth covering the gravel to keep the drainage gravel permeable and not being blocked from soil contamination.

Brisbane retaining wall contractors commonly make this mistake and just put the pipe in but it must have at least 20 mm per mtr fall to a approved outlet .If retaining walls in brisbane are over 1 mtr high and engineer design and certification is sought and a building approval .

Also under this code if the wall is within 1.5mtrs from a house or building or if it has a load bearing surcharge on the wall ,or if it is within 2 mtrs of a sewerage or storm water main , a Build over sewer application is sought.

Engineer design retaining walls in brisbane are costly as of the bureaucracy and plans and application fees .Get you local brisbane landscaper to give you a price on this . Just remember that a structural landscaper can't give a QBSA guarantee on a wall that is engineer designed , he needs to have a upgraded license to do engineer design retaining walls ,The license is called 

Builder restricted to structural landscaping 

At landscaper brisbane we hold this license .

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